Fahr Raine Equestrian
Updated 2021

Equine Massage Therapy

Equine massage therapy is the assessment and treatment of the soft tissues and joints of the body by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate, and/or relieve pain.  Emphasis is given to early intervention and prevention of long term injuries to these structures. Only veterinarians can diagnosis an equine condition and are therefore the equine’s primary health care practitioner.  Fahr Raine Equestrian will work closely with the attending veterinarian to ensure that all possible contraindications are being ruled out and the horse is receiving the best possible care.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

What can massagy therapy do for your horse? Overall structurally it helps improve a horse’s the mobility of their joints, the flexibility and strength of their muscles, and pliability of their tissues. Physiologically it improves their metabolism, circulation of blood and lymph and respiration, while reducing blood pressure, swelling/congestion, inflammation, adhesions, and muscle spasms.  Trigger points are eliminated within the muscles and overall (or locally) pain is relieved.

Does your horse suffer from one

of the following conditions?

Strains and/or Sprains, TMJ Dysfunction, Cold Back, Carpitis, Bucked Shins, Bursitis, Bog Spavin, Curb, Bowed Tendon Massage therapy can help treat all of the above conditions and more. Please remember that only your horse’s veterinarian can diagnosis a condition.